OHBM 2018: first remotely-attended conference

Last updated: Sat, 11 Aug 2018 11:18:48 GMT 0 comments

June 14-21 were the OHBM hackathon and annual meeting in Singapore. I did not get the chance to attend in person and instead I've been following the conference on Twitter! Here are a few interesting things I spotted.

Open science at OHBM is booming! 🎉 Last year, I was happy to see a better integration of open science activities in the main program. This year, it went one step up! The 3-day hackathon was very well attended with over 100 participants and an amazing organization. Throughout the meeting, and in multiple occasions, talks in the open science room attracted a packed audience. And the new "ice cream for open science" looked like a real success.

OHBM 2018 young investigator award went to Daniel Margulies, who was one of the first to introduce the neuroimaging community to hackathons through Brainhacks with Cameron Craddock.

At the PhD/Postdoc SIG mentoring symposium, Lucina Uddin discussed how to fail better and how failures are inevitably part of all successful academic careers. This is so important!

A topic of personal interest for me, as a mother, it looks like more attendees were bringing their children to the congress. I know some conferences provide free childcare (e.g. RailsConf) and this must make the whole conference experience so much different! I am wondering if there anything we could do to make this happen at OHBM?

Of course I've missed up on many things but following the event on Twitter has been much better than I anticipated! Thanks for everyone who tweeted using #OHBM2018. And I hope to see you all next year in Roma!