EPSRC ICT Early Career Researchers Workshop

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On February 16th-17th, I went to Sheffield to attend an early career workshop organised by the Information and communication technologies (ICT) theme of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The aim of the workshop was to present the research council strategy and provide guidance for grant applications.

During this 1.5 day meeting, time was divided between presentations, discussions and plenty of breaks. This was was a very positive experience, I did appreciate the opportunity to meet with other young researchers and discuss their experience. Some useful links are included below.

EPSRC Introduction & Strategy by Liam Blackwell, EPSRC ICT Theme lead

  • Balancing capabilities: overview of the research areas covered by EPSRC and how these are planned to evolve in the future. Researchers are encouraged to read the research area rationales.
  • Cross-ICT priorities: A number of theme that are prioritised over all applications.

The Peer review process by Zoe Brown, Portfolio Manager EPSRC ICT Theme

EPSRC ICT Fellowships by Netta Cohen, University of Leeds, Pietro Olivieto, University of Sheffield & Adan Luqmani, Portfolio Manager EPSRC ICT Theme

Impact and public engagement by Alan Winfield, University of West of England/Bristol Robotics & Sarah Newman, ICT Theme EPSRC

  • 10 tips for academic blogging.
  • Public engagement can take various forms: participation in “Science café”, blogging (e.g. about a paper), website describing the research project,...

I would like to thank my department (WMG) and the Wellcome Trust for their support.


More informations: EPSRC Blog post on the event, Slides, ICT theme website, EPSRC website, EPSRC ICT workshop call, #icterc.