Neuroinformatics gathering in Marseille

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May 21st, 2019, I was in Marseille for a Workshop on Data Management and Sharing in Neuroinformatics (GEANT).

The goal of this meeting was to gather the French neuroinformatics community for an overview of existing projects and to discuss how we can join our efforts, create a national network for neuroinformaticians and link with the INCF.


The day started with an overview of neuroinformatics by Stanley Durrleman who outlined the broader goal of this discipline: to create new scientific discoveries by connecting domains that are usually studied in silos (slides).

Andrew Davison briefly introduced the INCF French node & Olivier Coulon (slides) thanked our sponsors and the organising commitee who was made up of members from 5 neuroinformatics labs all over France:


Then 5 sessions spanned different data-intense biomedial domains:

  • Electrophysiology: Junji Ito ​& Frédéric Barthelemy presented a joint project between Jülich and Marseille and discussed their approach to create reproducible workflows and store metadata (slides).

  • Microscopy imaging: Chris van der Togt presented a tool to manage calcium imaging data and their metadata (slides).

  • Bioinformatics: This session was presented by Jacques van Helden from the IFB ("Institut Français de Bioinformatique").

  • Reproducible science: Sorina Caramasu Pop presented pipelines, tools and methods for reproducible science with a discussion of the VIP plateform and of FLI-IAM national effort (slides).

And I had the chance to present during the Neuroimaging session, a talk in which I focused on different ways to share research outputs in neuroimaging towards a more open science (slides).

Each session includes short talks to discuss ongoing questions and solutions. For example, the electrophysiology session included two short talks, one by Nicola Roheri on a set for BIDS-compliant tools (BIDS manager and EPIloader) for intracranial iEEG and another one by Andrew Davison on the Human Brain Project infrastructure.

INCF France 2019 - GEANT workshop